Soft CNCs are growing unstoppable. Who wants to have the competitive edge, needs a real “open” CNC-System, which adapts itself to the growing automation tasks.

By applying a PCI Module, CNC Software and the IBH real-time kernel, the Industrial PC becomes a productive and real-time capable CNC-Control. Decentralised in/output or analogue in/outputs may be realised by means of the fast IBH-SUPERBUS. A connection by means of Profibus and Interbus is possible. Both analogue, SERCOS as well as stepping motors may be controlled by means of the drive interface.

The IBH PC-based CNC control uses the processor performance of the industrial PCs. This has as a result that at present real-time problems may be solved by means of cost-effective hardware platforms, for which proprietary systems were needed earlier. By this not only costs are saved, but these “open” systems also allow to be integrated much easier into complete systems and may be adaptable to specific tasks very efficiently. Own control surfaces may be realised in various ways in the shortest possible time.


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