KaVo Everest milling machine

5-axis simultaneous milling

Processing a test workpiece from NC-Gesellschaft*1 (NCG) on a KaVo*2 Everest milling machine with an IBH CNC controller macro 8005 NT / stepping motor.



Test workpiece from NC-Gesellschaft

This NCG test workpiece incorporates defined geometry elements and machining strategies that enable you to compare, check and approve your machine and control system – the entire system, in other words – in terms of statics, dynamics, machining speed and accuracy. When you use the test workpiece you will be provided with information about which properties are reflected in its geometry elements.



*1 NC Gesellschaft e.V.

Anwendung neuer Technologien

Zeppelinstraße 4

89075 Ulm


*2 KaVo Dental GmbH

Bismarckring 39

88400 Biberach/Riß




IBH Automation Gesellschaft für Steuerungstechnik mbH

Enzstraße 21

70806 Kornwestheim


+49 (0) 71 54/82 16-11


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