the new macro 8005 C.
Teach-in-Panel allows you to move freely

Capture current data directly at the machine

It becomes possible with the mobile IBH TiP-Teach-in panel. In spite of a robust design, the IBH-TiP has a certain grip and allows to move easy to where it is used. And when you need to have both hands free - no problem - with its magnet pad it sticks to the nearest surface.


  • High-resolution LCD Display
  • 12-button keypad, illuminated, free configurable
  • individual labelling using IBH labelling kit
  • Hand wheel 100 pulses
  • 2 graduator switches (2 x 12 stages)
  • Emergency-STOP button
  • Degree of protection: IP 65
  • cable length 10 m
  • Enabling switch
  • RS422 interface